Coco de Mer launches X-rated film with Rankin

Erotic boutique Coco de Mer has collaborated with famed fashion photographer Rankin to produce an X-rated campaign film.

Running in store, online and in cinemas, ‘X’ was created to immerse viewers in the deepest desires of the erotic imagination, showing a roller-coaster ride of images, from seemingly banal everyday moments to evocative images of Coco de Mer lingerie.

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The film was conceived by Walter Campbell, the creative director of TBWALondon, and shot by an ensemble of directors including Rankin, Vicky Lawton, Trisha Ward and David Allain.

Commenting on the launch, Coco de Mer managing director Lucy Litwack said: “Coco de Mer is where people explore the limits of their erotic imaginations – and we believe that a fashion film is the perfect way to express the essence of this mission.

“It’s about heightening the appetite, abandonment of inhibitions and total immersion. The medium of film is the ideal way to portray our brand message as it is engaging and exciting and takes you on a journey that still media would struggle to emulate.”

Rankin added: “What I loved about the concept was how it visualized the way in which we absorb information nowadays. It examines our appetite for visceral and engaging imagery, reflecting how we consume as quickly as a click.

“This film takes our obsessions and ramps them up to intense new levels. Rather than selling you a dream, we’re allowing people to feel like they’re in one, experiencing it live as they watch the film unfold.” 

Coco de Mer: X from TBWALondon on Vimeo.



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