Cocksox celebrates five year anniversary

Australian brand Cocksox is celebrating its five year anniversary, this month, with a 10 to 40 percent sale across its product range to July 17.

The company, which produces underwear and swimwear for men that feature an ‘anatomically correct’ pouch to support a man’s ‘crown jewels’, was started for fun by Sydney-based couple Nadjah Kanawaty and Nigel Christensen.

In the past five years, the business has since grown exponentially and Cocksox now exports products from its online store to over 50 countries, stocking boutiques across North America, the UK, Europe and Asia.

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To celebrate the company’s fifth anniversary, dubbed ‘Cocksox Day,’ the brand will be holding a 10 to 40 percent sale across its product range. It will also be hosting a party and introducing a leopard ‘Carnivore’ print to its most popular underwear.

Kanawaty said: “Life should be fun and sexuality should be, too. Every day we see hundreds of images of near-naked women in the media but to celebrate the male form in the same way still seems to be a taboo. Maybe one day the media will catch up?"

Christensen added: "You can see all the Cocksox imagery and videos on the website, but the best way to enjoy Cocksox is to wear them yourself. I do."

View a photoshoot for the new Carnivore print below:



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