Chantelle survey reveals sports bra-buying habits

A new survey by French lingerie brand Chantelle has revealed the sport-bra buying habits of female gym goers in the UK.

The study, conducted on members of Surrey Sports Park in Guildford, showed that nearly a quarter (22%) of participants do not try sports bras on before they make a purchase.

Unsurprisingly, the survey also found that 1 in 4 women were not happy with their current sports bra, with 50% of these participants complaining that they felt unsupported and 40% saying that their bra was ill-fitting.

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The vast majority (78%) of the women surveyed exercise three times a week, yet 50% of these women only own one or two sports bras, the study revealed.

“Considering how often these ladies exercise using the same bra, they really should ensure their bras are replaced regularly. Yet, a staggering 94% of the women surveyed admitted that they do not replace their sports bra regularly,” Chantelle said in a statement.

“Using the same bra over and over again causes the fabrics to strain and stretch and eventually it won’t be offering you any of the support that it once did.”

Chantelle entered the sports bra market in December 2014 with a bra that is designed to reduce bounce and help maximise workouts by supporting the breasts.

The bra features flexible underwiring, lightly padded cups and breathable microfibre.



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