Chantelle promotes Les Invisibles summer styles

With spring weather finally arriving, Chantelle is reminding its retailers to promote lingerie lines that enhance customers’ silhouettes even under lighter summer styles.

Les Invisibles by Chantelle are designed to flatter figures in the warmer months. Innovations include the Memory Foam T-shirt bra and Spacer bra, both developed to provide women with comfort and better bust shape.

“Memory foam bras are an alternative to the standard T-shirt bra: heat sensitive cups made of a shape memory complex will mould to the form of the bust to give women a perfectly round bust. The memory foam cups will simply adapt to every woman’s shape and ensure softness, comfort and well-being,” the company promises.

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The Spacer bra is the lightest bra ever designed by Chantelle, and is recommended for women wanting to keep the natural shape of their bust. The 3D spacer knit used on the cups allows the skin to breath whilst offering a lightweight feel.

Les Invisibles by Chantelle is comprised of six ranges; Haussmann, Basic Invisible, Hedona, C Magnifique, C Paris and C Chic Sexy.




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