Chantelle launches sports bra fitting campaign

Chantelle Lingerie is attempting to fit 100 British women in the correct size sports bra in 100 days.

The brand is working with Surrey Storm netball team to ensure that both players and fans are being correctly supported whilst participating in sport.

The challenge was launched after a recent study, conducted by Chantelle on members of Surrey Sports Park in Guildford, showed that nearly a quarter (22%) of participants do not try sports bras on before they make a purchase.

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The survey also found that 1 in 4 women were not happy with their current sports bra, with 50% of these participants complaining that they felt unsupported and 40% saying that their bra was ill-fitting.

Chantelle’s UK communications executive Kerri Ashworth said: “We realised that these women needed to be educated on the importance of wearing a quality sports bra for exercise and how much of an impact it can have on their body and performance.

“We are now holding 10 fit events over 100 days and inviting the ladies of Surrey Sports Park along to find out what size sports bra they should be wearing, why they should be wearing a sports bra and how to get the most out of their sports bra.”

Chantelle entered the sports bra market in December 2014 with a bra that is designed to reduce bounce and help maximise workouts by supporting the breasts.

It is now the official sports bra sponsor for Surrey Storm.




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