Carvico launches innovative fabric for swimwear

Italian fabric manufacturer Carvico said it has launched a revolutionary material specially designed for swimwear.

In a live test involving professional swimmers, the new fabric – named VITA – showed no signs of fibre breakage after 105 hours in the pool, compared to a competitor’s fabric, which showed signs of damage after 50 hours of tests.

During the blind tests, one group of swimmers wore swimsuits created from VITA fabric, made using Xtra Life Lycra fibre.

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A second group wore identical swimsuits made with a similar fabric containing a chlorine-resistant yarn made by a competitor.

At the end of every 25, 50, 75 and 100 hour cycle, the swimsuits were sent to the laboratory for analysis.

The swimsuits were measured, weighed and examined under a microscope to assess the conditions of the elastomer and measure its performance and resistance.

Carvico said VITA showed “outstanding” fit retention during 100 hours of tests, compared to its competitor, which began to sag after 75 hours.

VITA also showed resistance to degradation caused by chlorine, creams and sun oils.




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