Calls for Aussie channel to ban lingerie football

A petition calling on an Australian television network to reconsider plans to broadcast the Lingerie Football League has generated over 2000 signatures.

Collective Shout, a grassroots campaigning movement, argues that the league is not a sport, but an “objectification women” masquerading as a sport.

It was reported last month that Channel Seven will be broadcasting an Australian version of the American game in December.

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But Collective Shout says it that while the achievements of female athletes are already unreported in the media, it is “appalling” that Channel Seven would “disregard clothed women in sport in favour of woman playing in their underwear”.

The Australian Sports Commission has also confirmed the LFL does not adhere to the core principles of sport and it do not support it. Other sporting associations, such as the Australian Womensport and Recreation Association have similarly condemned the LFL as “sexist and demeaning to all women”.

Earlier this year, the league was rebranded from Lingerie Football League to Legends Football League. Its tag line was also changed from "True Fantasy" to "Women Of The Gridiron".

The LFL plans to launch LFL Europa in 2014, which will include teams from Dublin, Manchester, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Barcelona and Frankfurt.

This will be the fourth global LFL league following the launch of the game in the US, Canada and Australia.




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