Cake Lingerie launches new website

The UK Lingerie Awards’ Maternity Brand of the Year winner, Cake Lingerie, has launched a new website.

The re-vamped website displays an ‘effective, simplified’ structure and ‘streamlined’ navigation to suit the needs of its target audiences.

With emphasis on consumer education and fit, the website provides several interactive, easy to use tools to help women understand the changes to their
bodies during this time.

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Cake Lingerie managing director Keith Hyams said: “We’re extremely excited with the outcome of the website, as it clearly communicates our brand voice and showcases our expertise, experiences and understanding in the subject matter”.

It’s layout has been created to easily scale to mobile devices and tablets, as the push for mobile technology and user-friendly displays advance within the fashion industry.

Creative Director Tracey Montford added: “The website showcases our brand maturity and respect for women. With all the practicalities in the product addressed, our vision is to ensure women feel feminine and self confident.”

Visit Cake Lingerie’s new website at





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