Cake Lingerie asks women to be the judge

Cake Lingerie will be asking women to judge its maternity lingerie products, this month.

The brand will be giving out 30 bras, one each day from September 12 to October 11.

Cake Lingerie, who won Maternity Brand of the Year at the UK Lingerie Awards 2011, announced: “We want you to be the judge – can maternity and nursing bras be feminine, functional and versatile all at the same time?”

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The step comes after a recent article in the New York Times, ‘Nursing Bras That Show Mothers in More Than ‘Work Mode,’ caused significant comment on online message boards such as Jezebel, and

Cake Lingerie founder and designer Tracey Montfort said: “Using sexual references and innuendos to promote maternity bras just adds pressure to women, who are already facing a period of great upheaval & adjustment. Of course some women find this a ‘sexy’ time, but many may not. We respect that at Cake Lingerie.

“Cake Lingerie has never intentionally created provocative imagery or marketing content with sexual reference. If pretty, luxurious nursing bras make women feel sexy, empowered, gorgeous and boosts their self-esteem then that’s great. However, it needs to primarily fulfil its function, provide support and enable great shape.”

Cake Lingerie specialises in the creation of beautiful maternity lingerie that is made up of 7 product types, that include non-wired soft cup, mould cup, fuller figure, flexible wire, convertible, seamless sleep bras and nightwear in fashion and basic styles.



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