Buyers’ guide: Nightwear trends to look out for in AW18

From left: Zimmerli, Rayville and Laurence Tavernier.

Velvet, sustainable fabrics, large-scale prints and rich, saturated colours are just some of the trends we can expect from nightwear in AW18.

Ahead of the new trading season, which kicks off in January, leading nightwear suppliers and distributors explain these trends in more detail.

Scroll down to read their AW18 predictions.

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Nicola Everley, DKNY brand manager at Intimates lingerie

“My predictions for AW18 are that velour will still be very popular, and perhaps will branch out into sleeker silhouettes. Also, I don’t think that loungewear is going anywhere anytime soon and will continue to be a key focus.”

Nicky Clayton, sales manager, Philippa Bradley Agencies

“Silhouettes will be more streamlined, bolder prints will be prominent and there will be an emergence of new fabrics.”

Diane Houston, founder, Gilda & Pearl

“Versatile pieces and nightwear as outwear will continue to be a big trend. I think there’s an ever increasing trend towards easy glamour – wearing something very luxurious that makes you look fabulous but also that makes you feel comfortable. Flashes of colour or a beautiful print will continue to add interest to classic silhouettes.”

Nina Rehmann, PR and communication manager, Hanro

“Boundaries between day and night, and indoor and outdoor are becoming more fluid. Sleepwear and loungewear are merging into a new living wear category that can be worn and styled in multi-functional ways. Sophisticated, contemporary prints are an important part trend topic for our AW18 nightwear (wallpaper prints, geometric patterns, big floral prints). But velvet is the biggest trend of the season and is reflected in our AW18 nightwear.”

Emma Chapman, sales director, F1-Generation

“There will be a move away from motive details, such as cupcakes, and a move towards natural fabrics for comfort and traditional pyjama shapes.”

Helen Pollington, co-founder and creative director, Violet & Wren

“My predictions are:

  • Maximalism – We believe this trend will continue, seeing an increase in the use of bold, luxe colours and maximalist, large-scale prints, as well as strong, statement pattern/print mixes.
  • Luxury – with consumers becoming more aware of the damage of ‘throw-away’ fashion, they look towards more sustainable, trans-seasonal and luxury pieces which will last. Interesting fabrications and intricate details will be key to bringing the ‘extraordinary’ to this category.
  • Nightwear as daywear – we see this trend continuing to grow, with more confidence in the category seeing this trend expanding further and bringing new silhouettes and cross over garments/styling.”

Alice Whiteley, founder and managing director, Yawn

“My trend predictions are:

  • Personalisation – customers will look to amend the length and style of nightwear to suit their body or add special touches, such as initials and messages to create a unique gift.
  • Consumers’ need for leisure time is becoming highly important in our busy, technology-driven world. This is being reflected in colours and pattern choices that reflect nature. Yawn’s AW18 collection will showcase richer, landscape or jewel like tones and references to the beauty of outdoor scenery.
  • The cross between nightwear and loungewear items will continue to grow. More people strive to look for relaxation time at home, but still want the flexibility of being able to run to the shops, whilst not having to wear anything too unforgiving.”

Alina Mona Lüscher, brand communications assistant, Zimmerli

“There will be a trend for floral prints and patterns, rich and saturated colours and a lot of lace and embroideries.”



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