“Business game changer” for post-surgery lingerie specialist

Underwear brand Vanilla Blush, which specialises in post-surgery ostomy lingerie and swimwear, has appointed its own specialist nurse, in what the CEO has hailed as a “business game changer”.    

Commenting on Andrea Brown’s appointment, CEO and former NHS intensive care nurse Nicola Dames, said: “This is huge breaking news within the post-surgery clothing industry. This is a great appointment and is the ostomy industry equivalent of Real Madrid signing Messi from Barcelona.”

Brown will be able to offer expert insight and advice to the Glasgow-based brand during product development.

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Speaking about her appointment, she said: “I’m so excited to be joining the global-brand Vanilla Blush. Not only are they at the cutting edge of fashion, which is inclusive of those with stomas, they are the cutting-edge of medical hernia supportwear.

“As a stoma specialist nurse, I’ve always been excited by Vanilla Blush, they understand the strong link between psychological health and physical health.”

Brown concluded: “In fact, by not simply focusing on the medical condition, the global-brand which is Vanilla Blush shows that it understand people.”



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