British women’s £100m lingerie let downs

British women have collectively received over £100 million of lingerie gifts that have been left, unworn, in their top drawers, according to a new survey by luxury lingerie e-tailer Fox & Rose.

The poll of 1,600 adult British women showed that two thirds had received lingerie as a present from their partner, with men splashing out an average of £42 per set.

Yet, one in five women had never worn the gift, and 23 percent said they’d worn it just once.

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Fox & Rose co-founder Amanda Lorenzani said: “For many men, lingerie is a confusing and intimidating world, but it’s crucial they make the right choices if they want smiles rather than slaps on Christmas day. Men should ask themselves, is my partner a fashion trendsetter or a classic dresser? What’s her personality type – wild and dominating or demure and dainty? And of course, the all important sneaky peak in her lingerie draw to find out her correct size!”

The poll also asked women which types of lingerie styles they most dreaded receiving, with crotch- less knickers (60 percent), Leather/PVC (58 percent), Edible (44 percent) and fishnets (42 percent) ranked as the most unpopular gifts.

To help men choose lingerie gifts that ‘really hit the spot’, Fox & Rose has launched a free Gentlemen’s Lingerie Lifelines advice site, offering tips on everything from size and style to a glossary of lingerie terms.

Lorenzani added: “Fifty Shades of Grey has certainly generated demand for more adventurous lingerie sets, but the line between sexy and sordid is very fine. Every woman wants to feel great about herself and receiving the right lingerie set can do that. Men need to be asking themselves just a few simple questions to ensure their partner feels like Brigitte Bardot as opposed to Jenna Jameson in their lingerie gift.”



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