British women want curvy hourglass figures

Most women do not crave the pencil body shape of supermodels, and would prefer to have a shapely hourglass figure, according to market research from Debenhams.

A study for the high street department store found that 72% of women questioned would prefer to have a figure with a small waist, balanced by larger breasts and hips, than any other shape.

Most were less concerned with becoming a model size eight or ten and more concerned about having a figure that ‘goes in and out’

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The survey revealed that most women would prefer the curves of stars like Kelly Brook, Holly Willoughby, Beyonce and Kate Winslet than the typical catwalk model.

The report comes out at a time when sales of shapewear that aims to deliver a cinched waist, regardless of bust or hip size, continue to soar.

Debenhams has reported current sales of cinching shapewear rising by 93% over the same period last year.

In the last five years Debenhams have seen a 200% increase in sales of shapewear.

Sharon Webb, head of lingerie buying and design at Debenhams suggests we are witnessing a new attitude to a body shape last favoured in the 1950s. “Even in the fifties most women, including film stars, had foundation garment help in creating their tiny waists. Then they were called girdles and corsets and were a lot more uncomfortable than the modern versions, but thanks to innovative modern materials it is now a lot easier to get that covetted hourglass shape and nipped-in waist than it was in our grandmothers day.”

“With today’s use of pretty patterns, lace and colour, it is now possible to find a pair of control pants that, believe it or not, will feel great and look sexy too,” added Webb.




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