British brand launches 24 carat gold shapewear

British brand Peachy Pink London, a women’s clothing company, has unveiled a new age-defying gold technology that its claims will revolutionise the women’s shapewear market.

The new, patented Peachy Pink Gold range is made in Italy and is created using an exclusive luxury fibre that features 24-carat gold nanoparticles.

The fibre, Nylgold, is the result of a breakthrough in nanotechnology, which Peach Pink states is proven to have an anti-ageing effect on the skin, as well as anti-oxidant and moisturizing benefits.

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There are currently two products available to buy in the range, shaping leggings and shaping high rise shorts in two colors, gold and black.

In each item of Peachy Pink Gold shapewear, there are more than four billion gold nanoparticles per square cm.

The technology used to create these futuristic garments allows 24-carat nanoparticles of gold to be encased with hyaluronic acid molecules, producing a nano system, which the company claims does ‘wonders for the wearer’.

Hyaluronic acid is a powerful moisturiser that occurs naturally in the skin. As we age, the natural hyaluronic acid in our skin decreases, often leaving skin looking tired, dull and dry.

The gold nanoparticles found in Peachy Pink Gold reportedly supply skin cells with constant moisture.

As soon as the hyaluronic acid molecules come into contact with the skin, they can reduce the appearance of aging by interacting with the cells to help keep them plump and youthful.

According to the company, Peachy Pink Gold is more effective than any topical moisturiser as when the shapewear is in contact with the skin, the nanoparticles act as super conductors on the skin to speed up and intensify the absorption of the hyaluronic acid by the skin cells.

Peachy Pink London’s Raul Gonzalez said: “Peachy Pink Gold represents a combination of luxury, beauty, and anti-ageing through its protection of the skin. This groundbreaking new shapewear has been designed to refine the skin whilst hydrating it. Using this technology in shapewear allows the wearer to have a sculpted body in addition to giving the skin a fresh and youthful appearance when worn for at least eight hours a day.”




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