Breastvest wins 11 new stockists in Cologne

Breastvest has returned from the Kind and Jugend show in Cologne with a ‘suitcase full of stockists.’

The brand, which was recently recommended by Holly Willoughby on ITVs This Morning, received a warm international welcome’ at the event.

It signed its eleventh stockiest from the show, a store in Gibraltar, today. The other ten include two stores in Germany, three in Australia, and single outlets in Spain, Thailand, Malta, Bulgaria and France.

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Breastvest co-founder Sam Telfer said: ‘Of course I believe breastvest to be a great product, otherwise I wouldn’t have gone into business selling our invention to other breastfeeding mums, but the reaction we received at Kind and Jugend still gave me a great buzz.

“It shows that breastvest makes a great product whether you are targeting a style conscious European, a mother with modesty concerns or simply a woman of the world who wants to wear the clothes she loves. Having recently given birth to my second child I am now proud to be wearing the breastvest and am also loving the reactions I get from women I meet on a daily basis who comment on what a great idea the breastvest is!”



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