Breastvest seeks to expand UK stockists

Breastfeeding underwear product Breastvest is looking to significantly expand its UK stockist numbers, following a move to overseas manufacture.

Launched in 2009 and originally produced within the UK, Breastvest developed its domestic market through relationships with baby and parenting magazines, as well as health professionals and direct targeting of consumers at national and regional baby shows around the country.

Positive feedback and sales that ‘almost immediately outstripping expectations’ were reportedly what led to Breastvest’s choice to expand and move its manufacturing base to China.

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Co-founder Helen Preen said: “The move of our manufacturing process has allowed us to revise our trade pricing structure which means we can move from predominantly retail to wholesale. This is a very exciting time for us. Our goal was always to develop a nationwide network of lingerie stores, maternity stores and baby boutiques to carry and promote Breastvest alongside traditional maternity lingerie. While we would love to continue to manufacture in the UK, moving to China allows us to move to the next phase in our plans for Breastvest”

Designed to scoop just below a well-fitted nursing bra, Breastvest seeks to make any top a breastfeeding top, therefore enabling mothers to wear their favourite clothes while still ‘doing the best’ for their babies.

The vest is held in place by specially designed straps, in order comfortably cover the postnatal tummy and offer breastfeeding mothers a seamless layer of support while feeding their babies.

The product is available in continuity colours black and white, with limited edition seasonal colours regularly released. Breastvest comes in five sizes: Extra-Small, Small, Medium, Large and Extra-Large; covering sizes 8-18.



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