Brazilian duo bring degradable swimwear to the UK

Swimwear brand SixtyNinety has expanded its range of planet conscious products with the introduction of Fluity CO2.

The 60-piece range Fluity CO2, a range of synthetic swimwear, was developed by French chemistry firm Rhodia and stocked by the swimwear retailer.

SixtyNinety believes it is the only UK stockist that currently sells the synthetic biodegradable collection.

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While most synthetic materials will take decades to decompose, the Evening Standard has reported that the Fluity CO2 range is expected to degrade in three years.

SixtyNinety, founded in Brazil and run in the UK, is managed by Daniela Treece and Aline Lima. Both Lima and Treece, as reported by the Evening Standard, value products that “look good” as well as being “ethical but doesn’t skimp on performance.”

SixtyNinety promotes ethical practises and eco-friendly products. On their website they say: “It is essential for us that all our products are made according to Fair-Trade guidelines. Both textiles and our clothing production is 100% made in Brazil, in small factories that pay their employees – mostly women – a fair wage. We ensure that we only work with brands that care about the wellbeing and growth of their workforce.”



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