Brazil council rejects Gisele ad ban plea

Brazil’s National Advertising Council has rejected a plea to ban a Hope television ad, featuring supermodel Gisele Bundchen.

The ban request was submitted in September by the government’s Ministry for Women, who labelled the commercial sexist.

"The stereotypes in this ad campaign are common in society, easily identifiable and do not denigrate women," council members said.

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In the TV ads, which you can see by clicking here, Bündchen is shown in a series of scenarios that depict her telling a lover that she has crashed his car, maxed out his credit card and that her mother is planning to move in with them.

The series of ads are branded as ‘Hope Lingerie teaches’ and proceed to show the supermodel delivering the news fully clothed, which the lingerie brand describes as ‘wrong’, and then repeating the omission while wearing just underwear, which it deems as ‘right’.

A series of men also reportedly called for the ads to be taken off air, claiming that they made them appear to be ‘idiots’.

A beer ad, featuring Paris Hilton in suggestive poses, was banned by the council in 2010.



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