Bravissimo is cooking up a storm after objecting to plans for a Greggs bakery to open next door to its Belfast store.

Concerned that the smell of pies and pasties will waft into the shop and render its lingerie unfit for sale, the retailer has written to the planners to oppose Greggs’ proposal and has appointed a consultant to submit its full objections next week.

Bravissimo director Mike Tremellen, who wrote the letter, also believes the bakery should apply for ‘change of use’ permission to allow the sale of hot food, reports the Belfast Telegraph.

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“We have a shop floor and stock room directly above the proposed Greggs unit and we are extremely concerned that the cooking smells will permeate into our shop, not only making it an unpleasant environment for our customers to shop in, but making our stock unfir for sale,” he told the newspaper.

“Bravissimo’s operation is the retailing of lingerie and clothing made with materials that can pick up odours. Our operation is to one side and above the proposed Greggs operation.”

Responding to the complaint, a spokesperson for Greggs said the bakery intends to operate the store with the planning approvals already granted.

“As a responsible company we are happy to work with our neighbours to try to alleviate any concerns that they may have about our operations,” they added.

Bravissimo opened its Belfast store in April 2014 on Royal Avenue, which is located in the Cathedral Quarter.