Bravissimo boosts web sales with live video stream

UK lingerie retailer Bravissimo has reported an uptick in sales after introducing a service that provides live video assistance to customers browsing its website.

Website users can interact with one of the retailer’s customer service consultant on screen, ask questions and see the product range close up thanks to cutting-edge software supplied by tech firm Vee24.

Early results have shown that video-assisted support is converting three times more sales than unassisted browsing.

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One example of video assistance in practice is in the bra-fitting service offered by Bravissimo. Customers can seek advice via web chat or choose a voice to voice engagement so the consultant can talk them through how to ensure the right fit.

Many customers also take the option to turn on their own webcam and allow the consultant to check their fitting via video link.

“When we saw the video chat solution from Vee24, we realised that this could be so much more than a standard web chat service,” said Lisa Gardner, customer service and fulfilment centre operations manager at Bravissimo.

“Web chat is great, but it’s a bit like real-time email and doesn’t really get across the personality of the Bravissimo brand. Video chat enables us to engage with customers in a very personal and direct way – very much like the way we’d interact with customers in store.”

Bravissimo staff have undergone special training in how to use the Vee24 solution and interact with customers via live video.

Customers can either select the Live Chat option from the website, or can respond to a ‘nudge’ from the Bravissimo team that encourages customers who may need help to connect.

Customers are in complete control of the interaction and can choose to interact in a number of ways – from standard text chat using a keyboard, through to one way video, where only the consultant can be seen, to two-way video where both parties can see each other.

Consultants can help with product queries, co-browse the website and find products for the customer, help with the checkout process and hold products to the camera so that customers can see the fabric and the fastenings.

The retailer said that early results had been “excellent”, with the improvement in assisted sales conversions the biggest highlight.

It said that net promoter scores, based on a post-call survey, are extremely high at 90-plus, while the acceptance of ‘nudges’ is twice as high as average acceptance rates across the Vee24 customer base.

Phil Adams, client success director at Vee 24, said the company was delighted to see the impact the technology has made on Bravissimo’s business in the opening weeks of the project going live.

“Purchasing lingerie and swimwear is a personal shopping experience and it’s great to see that live video assistance is enabling Bravissimo to offer a very similar, personal experience to the one they offer so successfully in store,” he said.



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