Bravado seeks to save the leopards

Luxury maternity and nursing brand Bravado has announced a new campaign to support the critically endangered Amur Leopard.

The brand will be committing a percentage of its sales of its Leopard Print Original Nursing Bra throughout 2012 to the cause.

The Amur Leopard is one of the world’s most engendered members of the big cat family and latest figures suggest there are as few as 35 left in the wild. The tiny population that survives today is under extreme risk of extinction.

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The proceeds will be donated to Marwell Wildlife in Hampshire, which is one of the few places in the UK where Amur Leopards can be found.

At Marwell Wildlife, the leopards enjoy a natural environment at Marwell, along with a healthy diet and a dedicated team that cares for them.

The leopards cannot be released into the wild until there is a suitable protected habitat for them, as poaching is still a major threat.

Throughout 2012, Bravado will be donating £1 from every sale of their Leopard Print Original Nursing Bra to support Marwell’s Amur Leopards.

On the new partnership, Marwell’s Claire Sweeten said: “We are extremely grateful to Bravado for their kind donation and every penny will go towards the care of our Amur leopards. We are very passionate about saving the Amur leopards- so much so we even volunteered to model the bras for a photograph.

“Anything that highlights the plight of these wonderful creatures is an important step towards conserving Amur leopards in the wild. Marwell is part of an Endangered Breeding Programme which helps to save the species from extinction, so the more we do, the more hope there is for the future.”

Bravado’s Penny Clayton added: “As soon as I was asked about this campaign it went to the top of the pile! This is a fantastic and very worthwhile cause and I am delighted Bravado can at least try and make a difference. We hope we can raise awareness amongst mothers, who will all undoubtedly be visiting wildlife centres with their children over the coming years.”




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