Bravado! introduces the Essential Embrace

Bravado! is launching the Essential Embrace, a new bra for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

The wire-free bra is made from Bravado Dynatex, a highly supportive material which is “robust, supple, lightweight and holds everything in place without feeling at all restrictive,” according to a press release. The material also stretches to accommodate the wearer’s changing figure, taking into account the difference in breast size before and after feeding or expressing milk.

For added comfort, the Essential Embrace is lined with cotton and the bra’s label is printed directly onto the fabric, preventing irritation from bothersome tags. Nursing mothers will appreciate the one-handed clips that allow the bra’s cups to be quickly opened, and the its back is designed to prevent unsightly bulges. Using a free kit, the bra can also be converted to a traditional model when breastfeeding has ended.

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In a press release, Penny Clayton, director of European operations for Bravado!, stated: “I am so excited about Essential Embrace; we have been working tirelessly to achieve perfection and the final product is fantastic. We hear so many women saying they can’t imagine not wearing an underwired bra; we wanted to change people’s perceptions and create a bra that offered just as much support. Thanks to our trademarked Bravado Dynatex fabric this has been made possible. I am sure mums will enjoy wearing Embrace, and I really believe it will revolutionise the nursing bra experience.”



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