Bravado celebrates its 20th birthday

Maternity lingerie brand Bravado is celebrating its 20th birthday, this year.

The concept for the brand was dreamt up twenty years ago around a kitchen table, when two breastfeeding mums decided to create a bra that would ‘revolutionise’ the nursing experience for mums.

The Original Nursing Bra in leopard print was the very first Bravado bra and is still one of its most popular today.

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The collection has expanded greatly and now includes four different styles of bra and an Essential Nursing Tank.

Every year, hundreds of mums sign up to test-wear Bravado bra and provide their honest feedback, and the brand has received multiple recommendations from mums, lactation consultants and midwives.

Bravado also has a celebrity following, with Angelina Jolie ordering a Body Silk Seamless in every colour when she was nursing the twins, and Beyonce also reportedly requesting items..

Commenting on the recent birthday, Bravado European director Penny Clayton said: “We are delighted with the success Bravado continues to enjoy twenty years down the line. The Bravado name has become synonymous with luxury, quality and style and we aim to continue supporting pregnant and nursing mums by constantly improving and expanding our existing collection.”

To celebrate turning twenty, Bravado is running a monthly competition on the 20th of every month where one lucky mum will win a Bravado nursing wardrobe.



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