bras4mums launches Lorna Drew at Baby Show

bras4mums will be launching Lorna Drew Nursing Bras at the Birmingham Baby show, NEC in May.

The nursing bras have special clips, designed to be adjusted up to three cup sizes.

While a woman is breast feeding, her breasts can alter in size by about three cup sizes every feed cycle.

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This means that one breast may be up to three cup sizes bigger than the other when the baby has fed on only one side.

Lorna Drew, the brand’s designer and owner, has designed a bra with unique patented nursing clip to adjust to this fluctuation.

The bras are also designed to be worn under lower cut tops, another common complaint – according to the brand – of breastfeeding Mums.

Drew said: “We’re delighted to be launching with the maternity and nursing bra specialist bras4mums at the NEC Baby Show this year.

“We’ve had some excellent feedback over our first year and we’re now looking forward to showing breastfeeding women how much more comfortable breastfeeding can be with our innovative nursing bras. T-J has been specialising in maternity and nursing bras for almost 8 years, so it’s great to have her endorsement of our product.”

Bras4mums owner Tracey-Jane Hughes added: “In all my eight years of fitting maternity and nursing bras, this is the first true innovation in breastfeeding bras. I’m delighted to be working with Lorna and her team and bringing these excellent bras to our customers old and new.

“We will have three nursing bras from the Lorna Drew collection at the Baby Show, where our experienced Bra Lady team will be offering a free bra fitting service, ensuring women get the right bra for them from our whole range.”






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