Bra-saving scheme set up for cash-strapped customers

Independent retailer Bustles Boutique has set up a bra-saving scheme for lingerie-loving consumers.

The business, based in Southend-on-Sea, has introduced the Bra Jar to help customers save up for their next bra and build their lingerie wardrobe.

Each jar costs £9 and contains a £5 voucher.

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Bustles Boutique co-founder Allison Hawkins commented: “We decided to make the jars as many of our customers like the thought of coming back to us every four to six months for a new bra.”

So far, customers have purchased the jars as an add-on purchase and have used them to save for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and first bras for their teenage daughters.

“They have had a positive response,” said Hawkins. “A supplier has even offered to add a pair of briefs with the purchase.”



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