Bra La Mode consultancy launched for small brands

A new consulting company for emerging intimate apparel brands has been launched in the US.

The company, Bra La Mode, caters specifically to independent lingerie designers and small wholesale businesses.

Moira Nelson, co-founder of the Lingerie Alliance – an online community of professionals in the industry – launched the consultancy after it became apparent to her that there was a definite need for her services among emerging brands.

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“From concept to consumer, I collaborate with my clients, evaluate their individual needs and formulate a strategic plan to execute their initiatives,” Nelson said.

Nelson guides brands through various stages of business development from technical product design through to marketing and PR strategies.

“Some clients approach me in the concept stage,” she added. “We work together to establish a solid business plan and budget; we focus on brand identity, define the target consumer, determine key differentiators, create a marketing strategy, and then move forward with a clear plan of action.”



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