‘Bra in a jar’ sales soar

Sales for bust cream have soared by 265 percent in the past year, according to department store Debenhams.

The retailer claims the growth in sales shows that women are now worrying about the appearance of their necks and busts as much as their faces.

Women, conscious of the ‘Madonna effect’ – age-defying face, yet age-indicating neck and décolletage – are reportedly turning to dedicated creams to turn back the years and achieve a ‘full, glowing cleavage.’

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Debenhams attributes the popularity of the age defying items to celebrities, such as ‘the sexiest woman in the world’ Christina Hendricks (age 36 years), Nigella Lawson (51), Jane Seymour (60), and Raquel Welch (70), who it claims have all shown age is no barrier to a ‘fantastic décolletage’.

Debenhams director of beauty Sara Stern said: “However much you take care of your face, ignoring the décolletage and neck area will betray your age in a second.

“Motherhood, too much sun, lack of moisturiser and use of perfume on the area can damage the thin, fragile skin and wrinkles and sun spots will all be evident.

“We’ve already seen a boost in sales of cleavage-enhancing bras and now our Beauty Hall is following suit. The popularity of the hourglass figure shows no signs of slowing and women are keen to turn back the clock with a plump bust”.

Bust make-up has also experienced a rise in sales, specifically fake tan (up 28 percent) and bronzer (up 7 percent).

Stern added: “A high SPF sunscream should be an everyday staple for any women concerned about her skin. Bust specific toning and firming creams go one step further to improve the area and combined with a well-fitting bra will maintain your assets.”



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