Bra Appeal celebrates 5th birthday’s Bra Appeal is celebrating its 5th birthday this year.

The appeal has raised over £500 for Breast Cancer Campaign since its conception in 2006, with founder Carol Tromans hoping to reach £10,000 by the end of 2011.

The project was started by Tromans, owner of advice and shopping website, whilst she was clearing out a few of her old bras.

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She said: "It seemed a shame to throw away lots of bras that didn’t fit. All of them were in good condition."

At first, Tromans was unsure over where to send the bras, as at the time charity shops didn’t accept underwear. However, after considerable research, Centrepoint agreed to take the bras and hand them out to homeless women around the UK.

The team at got together and put up a Bra Appeal page on the website and started collecting bras. Tromans claims the response was ‘amazing’.

She said:"We were running the appeal from home at the time and after a few weeks the dining room was full of old bras and we were sending huge boxes to Centrepoint every week. We needed to find other places to send the bras."

With the publicity already generated, other avenues were quickly discovered. Guide Guides groups received bras to teach young girls about bras and the importance of wearing the correct size and style. Students took boxes of bras on missions and trips to third world countries. Homeless charities received bras to use as hand outs and schools used the bras in lessons to teach girls about bras and boobs.

During 2010, used the bras collected to raise money for
Breast Cancer Campaign and to help women in poorer countries. The Bra Appeal
got together with BCR Textiles in the West Midlands, who buy the bras and send them
to third world countries for other women to use.

In 2011, Carol hopes the appeal will go from strength to strength.

"I’m hoping that sometime in 2011 we can hit the magic £10,000 mark which will be really exciting,” she said. “I still can’t believe that we can do so much good with old bras that would have ended up thrown away on a landfill".

As an incentive to get more bras sent in, is offering a five percent discount on anything bought from its Fashion & Bust Enhancing Accessory Shop. Just use the
voucher code BRA-APPEAL.



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