Boux Avenue unfazed by Oxford Street competition

Boux Avenue opened its flagship store on Oxford Street yesterday, joining a plethora of lingerie retailers on one of the world’s busiest shopping strips.

The British brand now sits alongside Intimissimi, Tezenis, Bravissimo and Ann Summers on the street, which attracts around 4 million shoppers per week.

But founder Theo Paphitis is unfazed by the prospect of competing with his neighbouring rivals.

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Speaking to Lingerie Insight at the opening of the Oxford Street flagship, he said: “Ann Summers is not really an issue for us because we don’t sell hardware and all that stuff. Boux does sexy – we don’t do sex. Everyone has their own niche area – Ann Summers is a successful business and good luck to them.

“Bravissimo is a very specialist brand and it’s not in our market. When we launched Boux, we discussed whether there was a market for us. If there wasn’t a market, we wouldn’t have launched.

“I say to people when they start a new business, make sure you’ve done your homework, otherwise you will fail. Quite honestly, our figures show that there is a market for us. We have 28 stores in the UK, we’ve got 12 overseas and the prognosis of the business is good, so that must be coming from somewhere.”

Paphitis also revealed his struggle to secure a site on Oxford Street.

“It took forever. I mean I had just started shaving when we started, but we got there eventually,” he joked.

“We’ve been looking for the last two years. It’s quite difficult to find the right site at the right place.”



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