Boux Avenue has established itself as a leading bra fit specialist after receiving a City & Guilds Accreditation for its bra fit training programme.

The retailer worked in conjunction with its training provider, Fareport Training, in gaining the Accreditation, after finding that 84% of its customers are wearing the wrong size bra before having a fitting.

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Boux Avenue also found that almost 90% of its customers purchase their correct-fitting bra after being fitted in store.

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The Accreditation service from City & Guilds is a globally recognised benchmark of quality for in-house training courses.

City & Guilds senior recognition and credentialing manager Charmain Bucho said: “This accreditation is a fantastic achievement for Boux Avenue. It is a testament to the brand’s dedication to providing the best possible service for its customers.”

Boux Avenue buying director Debby Duckett commented: “We would always try to encourage customers to have a bra fitting, ideally every time they purchase their lingerie in case their shape has changed.

“There are many health benefits to wearing the correct size bra, not only does it ensure that you have the right amount of support, but it improves comfort, posture and your overall silhouette. When we fit our customers in their perfect bra it makes them feel amazing and really does wonders for their confidence.”