Boux Avenue donates bras to Oxfam

Lingerie and swimwear retailer Boux Avenue has donated 17,000 bras to Oxfam for its Frip Ethique initiative.

The 40 mostly women employees of Frip Ethique sort and organize Oxfam clothing for market traders in Senegal, allowing locals to earn a living whilst helping the charity process its donations.

Bras are a particularly sought after item in Senegal, as few local factories have the resources to manufacture them. The 17,000 bras donated by Boux Avenue will provide much-needed income to sellers while providing local women with access to quality undergarments.

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Speaking about the donation, Boux Avenue brand director Lorna Perrin stated: “We are delighted to support such an amazing cause which empowers women and enables them to help their local community in the fight against poverty. Boux Avenue prides itself on the quality of its products and we look forward seeing how our donation will help to make a positive difference to the program.”

Fee Gilfeather, head of marketing for Oxfam shops, added: “The bra is an essential item for all women across the world but for women in West Africa they can act as an opportunity to provide for their families, send their kids to school and afford vital medicines. This is an incredibly kind donation from Boux Avenue and one that will give a whole lot of women a whole lot of support.”



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