A new boudoir brand backed by London’s upmarket sex club Heaven’s Circle will launch at a secret location this month.

Sensual Seasons, dubbed the world’s most ‘provocatively sensual’ lingerie brand, will host an exclusive event at an £18 million West End mansion on June 25.

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Guests will enjoy a provocative lingerie show, with designs brought to life by stylist Oonagh Mas, who has previously worked for Alexander McQueen, and live sounds from DJ Nordvolk from New York.

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At the stroke of midnight, the brand will invite 150 female guests to slip into their lingerie while the men will remain in “sexy evening attire with a twist”.

Sensual Seasons Co-CEO Kate Louise Moss, who is also an events manager at Soho’s Sanctum Hotel, said: “Sensual Seasons is not set up to be a sex party.

“But then again, it will be wild. The sex party component will be replaced by risqué performances and surprises.”

According to Heaven’s Circle founder Chris Reynolds Gordon, “Sensual Seasons fills the gap between The Box in Soho and Heaven Circle”.

“It has alluring burlesque shows, astounding music and sensual twists,” he said.