Bordelle works with world’s oldest supermodel

Charity organisation Oxfam has handpicked the directional designs of luxury lingerie label Bordelle and iconic, 83 year old supermodel Daphne Selfe, to re-create a Jean Paul Gaultier classic for the ‘Big Bra Hunt.’

With a deadline of only 48 hours, Bordelle’s Atelier and in-house team put its production line on hold to focus on the bespoke piece.

Working alongside celebrity stylisy Nish Grewal, the design team worked long into the night to perfect the overall look.

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Crafted from caramel, customised, satin-elastic bandages and quilted panels the Gaultier inspired body adopted the ‘unique’ Bordelle style.

Grewal said: “It was a risk turning up with just one item, but I knew Bordelle had the credibility and the aesthetics to pull it off.”
Shot by acclaimed photographer Perou, the theme was timeless, classic simplicity.

Model Selfe said: “My confidence is at an all-time high at 83 and what the hell, it’s all for a good cause!”

With the support of like minded female celebrities, Oxfam aims to collect one million bra’s throughout April to kick start the campaign. Money made from selling the unwanted bra’s will provide Senegal workers with a wage to support families and increase their own standard of living.

Rising to the occasion, Bordelle will also be producing, upon request, the limited edition ‘Daphne conical body’ in black, with 15 percent of the proceeds going to Oxfam. All unwanted bra’s from staff members and old season styles will be donated to the cause.

For more information about the Big Bra Hunt and how to donate, visit:’s.





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