Body positive Instagramer reveals the truth behind lingerie photoshoots

Fuller-bust lingerie brand Curvy Kate has joined forces with social media influencer Megan Crabbe to create a body positive campaign.

In a new blog post, the label has compared the highlights reel from a recent photoshoot starring Megan, aka @BodyPosiPanda, to behind-the-scenes shots.


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Last year, Megan took part in Curvy Kate’s #TheNewSexy campaign as an inspirational role model having overcome anorexia and gone on to share ‘reverse’ before-and-after pictures – showing her when she was unhealthily obsessed with her weight and now, at her happiest.

After the shoot, she posted a picture of herself on Instagram wearing the same Scantilly set she wore in TheNewSexy shoot, but without make-up and professional lighting (see below).


“This sparked the need to show what professional photos really are – just manufactured moments in time,” said Curvy Kate in its blog post.

“They’re a small snap shot which isn’t a true representation of how malleable and changeable our lives and bodies are.”

Curvy Kate’s latest blog features professional images from the new shoot alongside pictures of Megan wearing the same lingerie sets at home.



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