Bluebella is making a big push into America, with two new stockists under its belt.

The award-winning lingerie brand will go on sale at US retail giant Nordstrom in September.

It will also be available at the exclusive New York lingerie store Journelle later in the autumn.

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CEO Emily Bendell is lining up fresh deals with other retail partners and is planning a publicity blitz to support sales at new outlets.

Bluebella will exhibit at CURVEXPO in New York – a three-day event starting on July 31 – and showcase its latest fashion collections, a brand new hosiery range and MORE by Bluebella – a range of lingerie for fuller-busted women.

Bendell said: “We want to make a big splash in America. We’ve always been a brand that likes to be noticed and really want get our name out there.

“Britain has a population of 64 million compared to America’s 320 million – that is five times as many customers,” she continued.

“So it is a huge opportunity for us now that we have got a foothold in some of America’s most iconic retailers.”

American customers have been able to buy Bluebella via ASOS for the last two years.