Bluebella gears up to break America with new website and sales agents

Bluebella has launched a new American website and appointed US agents as it gears up for a big autumn sales drive across the pond.

CEO Emily Bendell recruited Wells Apparel and Easton International to represent the brand on both sides of the country after establishing new sales channels at Curvexpo in New York in July.

She said American buyers have different preferences to those in Britain and Bluebella has developed a fresh strategy for the US launch.

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“We are really excited about the fresh push stateside and have done a lot of work looking at how women buy lingerie differently over there,” she added.

“One trend which started over here and is quickly being adopted in the US is the lingerie/fashion crossover which makes our arrival very timely.”

Bluebella now has bespoke websites for buyers in America, Australia and in the EU for those shopping in Euros and sells in more than 20 countries with Germany a particularly strong area of growth.

Bendell said: “It is a key development – buyers feel much more comfortable buying in their own currency and the new sites have been a key driver in our global expansion.”

The award-winning lingerie brand goes on sale at US retail giant Nordstrom later this month.

It will also be available at the exclusive New York lingerie store Journelle in the autumn.

American customers have been able to buy Bluebella via ASOS for the last two years.



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