Black Friday: Most consumers won't shop online

Less than a third of consumers plan to shop online for bargains over Black Friday today, according to new research.

A report compiled by security and risk management company, NTT Com Security, shows that the majority of British people (70%) have no plans to shop online today.

A quarter of the 526 people surveyed will do ‘some’ shopping online, while just 7% will do ‘most’ or ‘all’ of it online.

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However, most (79%) consumers will do ‘most’ or ‘some’ Christmas shopping online, the survey shows.

In the same report, NTT Com Security said that quarter of UK shoppers would continue to use a retailer’s website that has suffered a security attack or data breach.

Stuart Reed, senior director of Global Product Marketing at NTT Com Security, said: “Online businesses take note. While a significant minority says it would carry on using a site if it suffered a data breach, the majority would not – and this is lost business that will be very difficult to get back.



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