Björn Borg to unveil Nudeclear campaign

Swedish underwear brand Björn Borg is expecting a “nudeclear” reaction to its SS14 campaign when it launches in concepts stores and online tomorrow.

The brand said the Nudeclear campaign plays with the idea of the “sensual radiation” that stems from wearing the brand’s products.

Global marketing director Lina Söderqvist commented: "If Björn Borg could decide, the whole world would overflow with nudeclear power; a world where we all live in a sensual high radiation zone.”

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This is the second time Björn Borg has become inspired by “weapons of mass seduction”. In November, the brand announced that it had “love bombed” North Korea with 450 pairs of hot pink underwear after members of the public voted for the world’s “sexual cold spots” and the politically-troubled country was named the winner.




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