Björn Borg launches skin-toned underwear for all

Björn Borg has become the latest brand to develop a range of skin-toned underwear.

The Swedish brand, well known for its efforts in promoting social, political and environmental change, launched its Skin Collection yesterday, on United Nation’s Racial Discrimination Day, as a tribute to human rights and equality for all.

The range includes shorts and hotpants for men and women in six shades, following the Fitzpatrick skin scale, a numerical classification system for human skin colour.

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“Nude is not a colour; it’s a concept that everybody should have the right to enjoy,” said Björn Borg Marketing Director, Jonas Lindberg Nyvang.

“We call it six shades of human and the reason to our launch on the UN Racial Discrimination Day is that the political climate in Europe has been very tough as of late and it is time to show colour. This is our contribution to that debate.”

Other brands to have picked up on the demand for skin-toned underwear include Hanro, Nubian Skin and Cosabella.



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