Björn Borg grant supports HIV prevention project

By Laura Higgins

Swedish underwear brand Björn Borg will award a grant to Oxford-based organisation Chasing Zero this year for its work in taking action against HIV and AIDS.

The agency has been holding a series of ice-cream parties in the hope of ‘freezing’ AIDS. The ultimate goal is to reach zero AIDS-related deaths, zero HIV infections and zero discrimination for those living with HIV.

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By teaming up with ice-cream manufacturer, George & Delilah’s, and selling ice-cream, the organisation generates the funds needed for its HIV prevention work. This is used to educate 15-24 year olds and to get young people talking openly about HIV at ice-cream parties held at British Schools, festivals and youth events.

Through the grant, Björn Borg follows up on its collaboration with the MTV Staying Alive Foundation last year.Together, they created a limited-edition ‘Get it On’ underwear collection in October. For every pair sold, €1 was donated to the foundation.

Lina Söderqvist, marketing director at Björn Borg, said: “Since we make underwear that makes people attractive, we want to emphasise the importance to Get it On in a safe way. Through supporting Chasing Zero, we hope to bring the topic of HIV into the limelight and contribute to stopping HIV before it even starts.”

The Chasing Zero project reaches 37,500 university students and provides them access to trust-worthy and up-to-date information on HIV and sexual health. This increase in awareness will hope to empower young people to take action and to protect themselves from HIV.




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