Bjorn Borg "love bombs" North Korea with undies

Björn Borg has announced that it recently “love bombed” North Korea with 450 pairs of hot pink underwear after a survey concluded that the country was in need of the brand’s “weapons of mass seduction”.

Members of the public were able to vote for and nominate their “sexual cold spots” and politically-troubled North Korea was named the winner.

More than 53,000 people took part in the pole, with 60% of the votes coming from South Korea, who in great numbers voted for their northern neighbour and its capital Pyongyang.

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With the results in, Björn Borg decided to go under the radar, by sending an independent journalist and photographer, to document their attempt to export the “weapons of mass seduction” to one of the world’s most inaccessible dictatorships.

Björn Borg marketing director Lina Söderqvist: “We knew that North Korea was going to be a tough challenge. The ‘drop’ in itself, wasn’t as spectacular as planned, but when Pyongyang won we had to adapt to the current conditions there. We’re proud of our attempt, and that we managed to spread some underwear-love in one of the world’s most closed dictatorships.”

The documented trip can be seen here:

Björn Borg is well known for its efforts to promote social, political and environmental change. In September, the Swedish brand launched a e-commerce site in Russia and promoted the venture with an advertisement in the Moscow Times that spoke out against the country’s anti-gay politics.





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