Bjorn Borg game trailer mocks Apple

Swedish fashion brand Björn Borg is to unveil its next collection through a web-based game in which players are tasked to battle evil forces with the power of love.

In the new trailer for the game, entitled First Person Lover (not shooter), the brand unveils two weapons; a handgun that fires holographic kiss mouths and an automatic rifle that fires heart-shaped soap bubbles.

The trailer parodies classic product-introduction videos, similar to those held by tech giant Apple.

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First Person Lover, created in collaboration with GeT_RiGhT, is free of charge and is launched on January 28 at

The release will come five months after the label hosted a gaming-inspired SS15 catwalk show at Stockholm Fashion Week.

Björn Borg is renowned for spreading messages of peace and love. In November 2013 it announced that it had “love bombed” North Korea with 450 pairs of hot pink underwear after a survey concluded that the country was in need of the brand’s “weapons of mass seduction”.



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