Bjorn Borg bids to light up China

Swedish fashion brand Bjorn Borg has expanded into Asia by opening a shop-in-shop concept in West Nanjing Road, Shanghai’s luxury shopping street.

The store will be housed in the fashionable Sogo department store and provide Chinese customers with access to its full range of products.

At the same time, the company is introducing its range throughout the whole of China through a collaboration with e-tailer Taobao, a Chinese equivalent to eBay or Amazon.

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Arthur Engel, CEO of Bjorn Borg, said the move was the first step in its Chinese initiative.

“We are in it for the long term and this will be followed by a number of stores both in Shanghai and the rest of China,” he said. “We are very proud to say JA! to Shanghai and China through the opening of these two channels and hope to see a healthy growth. Our core business branded underwear is for instance a trend that not quite has got a foothold in China yet.”

The Björn Borg offer in China will encompass a full wardrobe – from underwear and sportswear to footwear and accessories.

Björn Borg’s investing partner in China, Penny York, has held senior positions since 2004 for an international underwear brand with over 500 points of sale before deciding to join the Bjorn Borg China initiative.

“We are looking forward to establishing Björn Borg in China and believe that the brand’s signature style with a mix of color, quality and fashion with a sporty twist is a combination that fits the Chinese market very well,” said York.

“With Björn Borg’s portfolio and a well-planned long-term enterprise we see a strong potential for the brand in the country,” she added.



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