Betty Ball sells out in 6 minutes on QVC

Bra washing Betty Ball sold out in six minutes during its first appearance on UK shopping channel QVC.

Dutch Bra designer and inventor of the unique Betty Ball Bra washer, Michel Straten, said he was ‘very pleased and a little relieved’ by the product’s popularity.

Straten is now hoping to dramatically increase sales of his award winning product in the UK, following strong sales in Holland and Belgium.

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The Betty Ball was created by Straten to fully protect the cups and underwires of padded bras, so they can be washed in a washing machine alongside other washing,

Already selling nearly a quarter of a million of the Betty Ball since its launch in Holland three years ago, the Betty Ball will soon be available in other outlets across the UK and Ireland.

“It took me two years of testing and re-designing to come up with a simple device that could hold up to 3 bras and would protect them properly, whilst letting the water and washing powder in to actually clean the bra”, said Straten, who worked in the lingerie business for many years before setting up the company he now runs exclusively selling Betty Ball across Europe.

“The device also has to be very strong as many washing machines have a spin cycle of 1400rpm which would easily damage any sub-standard product. If the Ball comes open in the wash, it would be useless, but I can guarantee that the Betty Ball will stay closed.”

The Betty Ball comes in two sizes, for cup size AA, A, B, C or D, DD, E & F.



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