Berlei defends bra advert banned by Facebook and Instagram

Berlei Australia has hit back after two major social media sites banned its bra advert over fears that it would be deemed too offensive.

The advert showcases the uncomfortable and painful methods women endure to support their breasts.

It aims to provide an authentic look at how uncomfortable and unsupportive women’s bras can be, to help launch its new range, Womankind, which the brand claims is “our kindest bra yet”.

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The 45 second ad has been praised by Youtube and Twitter users, but Facebook and Instagram have pulled it from their sites over concerns that it would cause offence.

According to, Facebook, which owns Instagram, has banned the ad on the grounds of “the pixilated nudity, overt focus on bouncing breasts and overly zoomed images.”


The advert showcases the uncomfortable and painful methods women endure to support their breasts.

The company’s advert policy does not allow videos to focus on one individual body part that might cause “potential offence to the community.”

Addressing the ban, a spokesperson for Berlei told Honey Nine: “Berlei believes this case highlights society’s issues where breasts are classed as sexual property.

“They would like to change the narrative of how brands advertise to women and hope to be able to take their message to their online community without being suppressed.”

Berlei now faces a ban of its advert on Australian TV after the Advertising Standards Bureau said it had received complaints about the commercial, which means it will have to undergo a review.

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  1. Jane Hallam said:

    Love it, the video shows the painful extents that women go through in trying to get into bras to go under clothes without having wayward escaping bosom disasters. My personal favourite is the pain from taking off a stick on strapless backless bras – not kind to sensitive nipples, they also slip when you get sweaty through dancing or hot flushes.

    I embrace the use of real bodies and real situations in the video.

    Jane x

  2. Brenda said:

    I believe some people really need to get over themselves. This was a great video on the real struggles women have with their beautiful bodies. I don’t understand the shame or offense. Change the channel or go to the next video. Ridiculous.


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