Independent lingerie and swimwear brand Beija Flor will open a pop-up store in London’s Shoreditch this July.

The British brand will host a number of events at its store on Calvert Avenue, including live music, seminars and complimentary fit sessions.

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The pop-up shop will open on July 18 for five weeks, but Beija Flor directors are hoping to extend their stay.

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“We can’t wait to open our store in Shoreditch. We’re so excited for the opportunity to actually meet our current customers and give our future ones a chance to browse, touch and try our products,” said co-founder Mazie Gardner.

“We’re hoping that if it goes well we will be able to extend our contract and if not we’ll definitely be looking for a new location soon after this one. The dream of course will be to have a permanent shop one day.”