Behind the brand: Optifit

Women may, as a gender, have progressed from whale-bone corsetry and antiquated girdle systems, but according to Atul Khanna, consultant plastic surgeon and medical director of the new bra solution Optifi t, 80% of women are still wearing the wrong size bra simply because the correct size can’t exist with the traditional measuring standard.

Step forward Optifit, the first ever 3D bra measurement system with design features based on plastic surgery principles. It uses no underwires, promises to eliminate back rolls since the bra sits very low and smoothes out contours, can be used in place of a specific sports bra and, most significantly, is based on three sizing measurements, not the usually prescribed two.

Doing away with conventional bra fitting, which involves taking two measurements – one around the ribcage under the bust, and another around the fullest part of the breasts – the Optifit way is based on three measurements which are taken with a patented elastic strap using colour, letter and number combinations to define frame, depth and volume.

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The brand, which to date has sold in excess of 10,000 bras, was conceived by Sue McDonald, who has over 20 years’ experience in intimate apparel. She has been perfecting her design for
well over a decade, making this launch much more than a pet project.

“It’s very exciting to finally launch our product that has had years of time and research dedicated to it,” she says. “Many women struggle daily with ill-fitting bras and trying to find one that fits without discomfort and we now are able to provide them with a solution that works and is accessible.”

McDonald, who regularly advises pregnant, breastfeeding, physiotherapy and post-mastectomy patients, and Khanna warn that conventional bras, which are based on men’s WWI uniform measurements, compress and distort the breast into an unnatural position, which could be at the root of certain health problems.

The success has been fast, she says. “We are now working to cope with the demand and are excited to hopefully have training courses written this year to train Optifit practitioners in retail outlets who can measure properly for our bra range and also to be able to educate women on how and why the Optifit bra works.”





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