Beckham underwear is centre of sweat shop smear

David Beckham has been forced to defend himself after a fellow footballer claimed that his new underwear line for H&M had been made in a sweat shop.

The allegation was made by Joey Barton on his personal Twitter page, after the Queens Park Ranger player saw an H&M advert for the line during the Super Bowl.

He wrote: “Is there no limit to what "Brand Beckham" will endorse for a pound note. Surely they both have enough cash now.

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“Not arsed if there Beckham’s or not. £9.99 for a pair of gruds for H+M is an outrage, do one Becks……

“Cost about 1p to make in a sweat shop in the 3rd world them bills. £9.99……..”

David Beckam’s spokesperson took little time in responding to the smear. He told the Daily Star that the range was manufactured under ‘the strictest ethical guidelines’ and, further, that anyone who accused the LA Galaxy player of using child labour was a ‘madman’.

H & M has reportedly refused to name the factory where the products were produced, but claimed that all workers were being provided with ‘at least the statutory minimum wage.’



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