Online lingerie retailer Beautifully Undressed has relaunched its website for the second time in 12 months after it was sabotaged last year.

The luxury business launched the revamped the site with a new look and feel in July 2015 only to be kicked off by the programmer months later, resulting in a loss of data and funds.

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Speaking to Lingerie Insight, Beautifully Undressed founder Annabelle Mu’azu said: “My new investment, which looked lovely to visit online, wasn’t all it needed to be at the back end.

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“Cracks started to appear and when I tried to resolve them with this freelancer, things got very bitter and my entire website was unceremoniously kicked off the secure server I had paid to have it on. I lost everything. The whole site. Even my back-up files had ‘mysteriously’ been corrupted.”

“To say I was devastated is an understatement,” said Mu’azu.

“I felt like everything I had worked toward for three years had just unravelled in front of me and there was nothing I could do. The stress was palpable, even my health declined. My worst fear though was having to explain the situation to all the amazing labels who had the confidence to come on board as a BU brand.”

Happily, the independent lingerie labels stocked at Beautifully Undressed, including Fleur of England, Nui Ami and Asceno, came together to support the retailer.

“Everyone was incredibly supportive and sympathetic to what I had been through, some even having gone through similar situations themselves,” said Mu’azu.

“I was blown away by this awesome network of creatives who are so passionate about the industry and I admired how they supported not only Beautifully Undressed, but each other during this time.”

Beautifully Undressed has now relaunched with Shopify, a secure, user-friendly platform.

“All of the amazing brands I have built up a relationship with over the past three years have stayed with me, and I have happily just had Hesper Fox come on board.”

Mu’azu has decided against taking legal action against her previous programmer.

“I genuinely feel I’d like to go forward and make a success of my business rather than hold on to the failures,” she explained.

“Business is about learning and growing and I do feel that this is the best thing that could have happened as the universe was telling me that I deserved better in terms of what can be accomplished with BU.”