Beachlife introduces loungewear for 2011

Dutch beachwear label is introducing a new loungewear collection, in stores from winter 2011: Loungelife.

The new line is aimed at women within the Beachlife target group, who it claims ‘like to wear comfortable yet fashionable garments, both in home as well as outside.’

Beachlife and Loungelife stylist Famke de Ruiter said: “Wellness, leisure time, relaxation are subjects that can be named in one row, these days, and thus Beachlife and the new Loungelife fit well together. Relaxation was our most important key word while creating the collection. During a holiday or just after work and wanting to change clothes to something more comfortable, not restricting

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Rien Dekkers was introduced as the new managing director of Beachlife in December 2009. After redefining the target group and looking at the market’s needs, she made the decision to make the translation from beach to home and night.

The company intends to offer ‘two brands, but with one vision: aimed at the same sexy and confident woman with a bohemian lifestyle.’

Loungelife will be in selected lingerie, sports and fashion stores from September 2011.



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